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At Power Demand Solutions we take a proactive approach to address the challenges of the future.  By making use of renewable energy we contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet and create a better world for generations to come.


We offer the following smart solutions for your home, office or development, tailormade to fit your specific needs:


  • Solar and Power Back-Up Solutions
  • Optic Fibre Solutions

Solar and Power Back-Up Solutions

With Power Demand Solutions you can avoid all loadshedding and ensure access to your devices and appliances.

Enjoy uncompromising quality and dedication to offering only the best, at reasonable prices.


Prices above are estimates and exclude VAT, Installation, COC and SSEG Registration (Site Survey will be done prior to final quote presented).
Larger systems for home and business available, please request a quote. 

We can offer Sunsynk on all options at higher price.


PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Power Purchase Agreement is essentially an agreement between a private energy provider and the end-user (or "off-taker") whereby the provider provides a alternative source of electricity through solar, wind, hydro power or a combination of the 3, to the end-user at a agreed upon Kwh rate.


An PPA is a excellent method of detaching large commercial and residential buildings from the power grid, and solving power disruptions caused by loadshedding. We can provide a hassle free quote to commercial businesses, Body Corporates and the agricultural sector. With our tailored PPA solutions, you can harness the power of sustainable energy without the financial burden, unlocking a pathway to cost savings and environmental responsibility.

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

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Meet The Team


Heinrich Ehlers

Heinrich worked in the management and site operations for Devmark Construction for 5 years. Prior to joining Devmark Construction, he headed up his own highly successful renovations and maintenance company and completed a course at UCT in Property Development and Investment.

He brings to the company years of experience in the field and is backed by a degree in software development and finance. Heinrich Ehlers has been involved in a great number of building projects where he was the head project manager totalling a value of R950 million.


Michelle Green

Michelle Green is a highly experienced team member with an extensive background in project management and alternative energy. As our Alternative Energy Operations Manager and Alternative Investments Operations Manager, Michelle is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of our alternative energy projects and investments.

With over 15 years of experience in project management, Michelle has led teams through complex projects, from planning and design to execution and delivery. Prior to joining our team, she managed several successful residential development projects, including Retirement Investments, and residential estates. Her expertise in project management has helped us achieve seamless execution of our alternative energy company.


Jean Ehlers

Jean Ehlers has been a director of residential property development at DPG (parent company of PDS) for 8 years. During this time, his procurement of new developments and development management, have led him to investigate ancillary services to add value to clients and their various energy needs.

PDS ties in perfectly with the business of delivering homes across all income brackets, and it is his mission to ensure renewable energy reaches as many households in South Africa as possible.