PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

PPA - Elevate your multi-storey residential developments and commercial properties to new heights with Power Demand Solutions pioneering PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

What is a Power Purchase Agreement(PPA)?:

It is essentially a agreement between a private energy provider and the end-user(or "off-taker") whereby the provider provides a alternative source of electricity through solar, wind, hydro power or a combination of the 3, to the end-user at a agreed upon Kwh rate.

How does it work?

  • The provider will do a survey of the end-user's property to determine its requirement for energy and also the space available to install infrastructure and back-up power equipment.
  • After completing the survey, the provider will present a financial model and cost proposal to the end-user. In the case of Power Demand Solutions, this will be based on solar panels/backup power equipment, and the end-user's energy demand.
  • After acceptance of the cost proposal, Power Demand solutions will prepare a PPA document for signature by the parties. This is a detailed document which will stipulate the terms and conditions on which Power Demand Solutions will provide solar energy to the end-user.
  • After signature of the PPA document, the parties will agree on a installation date. All infrastructure and installation costs, will be borne by Power Demand Solutions. The only associated costs for the end-user's account, are nominal administration fees.
  • As the PPA KWh rate is normally lower than Eskom rates and is provided over the long term at substantially lower escalation rates, there are significant energy related cost savings for the end-user.
  • Power Demand Solutions derives its return on cost from income generated from selling energy to the end-user.

An PPA is a excellent method of detaching large commercial and residential buildings from the power grid, and solving power disruptions caused by loadshedding. We can provide a hassle free quote to commercial businesses, Body Corporates and the agricultural sector. With our tailored PPA solutions, you can harness the power of sustainable energy without the financial burden, unlocking a pathway to cost savings and environmental responsibility.

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